Who we are and what we do.

Empathy, imagination & persistence.

SINCE 2004

STUDIO EMMAR is a design studio & digital film production.

Concept. Design. Production. We develop motion design content for a variety of applications and channels: social media and content marketing, tv commercials, video content for websites and apps, event visuals & presentations, logo endings, corporate communication tools.

“We translate ideas into modern
and inspirational communication tools
that create value for our clients.”

Form follows function

successful colLaboration

We are convinced that each communication task needs its very own visual language. Depending on each projects requirements we expand our team with specialized freelancersThis way we are able to work super flexible and our results have a higher impact and go far beyond just eye candy.


We are a design / production team

with a network of talented creatives.

Mik Rahner
Designer / Director

“Good design thinking is to distill the basic functions and translate the conceptual idea to a visual language.”

“We love to work with clients who value personal communication and perceive good design as a worthwhile investment.”

Manou Rahner
Creative Producer


We are based in Sternschanze / St. Pauli, Hamburg. It’s an inspiring place, both modern and with deep cultural roots. Our clients love visiting us here.

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If you want to learn more about our Production Process read all about it in our NOTES-Section.

Want to start a project, curious about costs? Here’s what we answer when being asked about our daily rate.